Fam tour – Expedition to Antarctica! 

We´ve been part of a thrilling adventure with Antarpply Expeditions! This wasn’t just any tour – it was a familiarization journey. We were invited by AntarPplay, a company specialiced in Antarctic expeditions. What sets every FamTour apart? It’s not just about promoting a destination; it’s about living the experience. We explored the itinerary gaining invaluable insights that only come from being there.

Their unique approach sets them apart from traditional travel agencies; they own a cruise and conduct inspiring expeditions to the frozen beauty of Antarctica. We embarked on the “Classic Antarctica” itinerary, our 10-day journey was extraordinary. From breathtaking landscapes to unforgettable moments, we experienced it all firsthand. They extended the invitation for us to experience firsthand this trip that we’ve been promoting. Imagine exploring the untouched wonders of Antarctica with a team that lives and breathes these expeditions! 

This trip was a deep dive into the heart of the extraordinary journeys AntarPplay offers. What’s truly special about being part of this journey, is that we can guide you through every step – from pre to post tours!

Web de la compañía que los invita: https://antarpply.com/

The Michelin Guide 2023 is out!

We are thrilled to share the latest culinary triumphs from Argentina as the prestigious The MICHELIN Guide anounces its much-anticipated star ratings.
In a historic moment, eight restaurants have been awarded with Michelin stars, solidifying their status as culinary gems in the heart of South America, each celebrated for its unique gastronomic offerings and exceptional dining experiences
With a total of 57 restaurants earning Michelin recognition and eight of them earning stars, this year´s guide showcases the rich tapestry of Argentina´s culinary scene.

Nota oficial de la guía Michelin – Restaurantes en Argentina: https://guide.michelin.com/en/article/michelin-guide-ceremony/argentina-s-restaurants-shine-brightly-with-the-announcement-of-its-first-ever-michelin-stars

We actively participated in the prestigious World Travel Market (WTM) – London 2023 exhibition!

This very influential travel & tourism event took place from November 6th to 8th 2023.
As a leading travel agency, we were excited to showcase our latest offerings and innovations in the travel industry. Our dedicated team attended the event, engaging with industry professionals, sharing insights, and exploring exciting collaborations.
Thank you to everyone who visited our desk and contributed to making this event a success! We look forward to continuing our journey of shaping the future of travel experiences!