Terms & Conditions



The bookings received and accepted by Designer Trips Argentina are effective and turned into definite once Designer Trips Argentina has received the initial deposit (part of it or total) from the client. This is the moment in which a contract between the client and Designer Trips Argentina becomes real and valid. The client’s payment, and the supply of their personal information for the booking, is considered an acceptance of all our terms and conditions on part of the client. The contract is between Designer Trips Argentina, and all the persons named in the booking form. The client named as principal in the booking will have to sign the booking form and will guarantee that has the authority on behalf of all the other members of the booking, and will be responsible of the reservation. At the same time, the principal client will guarantee that all the other members of the booking know the terms and conditions of Designer Trips Argentina.


To be able to confirm and guarantee a booking with Designer Trips Argentina, the client must make a down payment of 50% of the total value of the booking. The remaining amount must be paid at least and no later than 30 days before the beginning of the services of the booking. In case that the client doesn’t pay the remaining amount, in those 30 days, or never, the booking will be considered as cancelled by the client and all penalties can be applied. For bookings made within 30 days of the beginning of the trip, Designer Trips Argentina will require the payment of the full amount of the booking. The payments can be done by transfer into Designer Trips Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, and Cash when the law allows it. Credit Card payment will be done through authorization letters filled in by the client, in which also the client will have to provide Passport Copy, and copies of both sides of the credit card used. All the costs, extra charges, wiring fees, and any additional costs that may appear as product of the payment will be assumed by the client directly.


All the changes from the original booking must be authorized and confirmed by Designer Trips Argentina, and the client must specify the change by written letter or mail. The costs involved and product of these changes, or cancelations done by the client, will be assumed by the client.
The client will be able to cancel the booking, partially or totally, whenever they decide to, always informing Designer Trips Argentina by a written letter or mail. It will be considered as cancelation day, when Designer Trips Argentina receives the written cancelation and confirms the client of reception. The costs for the cancelation will be assumed by the client in the following scale:

  • 30 Days or more – Penalty of 25% of the total amount.
  • 29 to 21 days – Penalty of 50% of the total amount.
  • 20 to 10 days – Penalty of 75% of the total amount.
  • 10 days or less – Penalty of the TOTAL amount.

*Its important for clients to consider that the bookings of Air Tickets and Bus Tickets, may suffer extra cancelation fees, and might have the TOTAL amount as non-refundable.


Designer Trips Argentina, will commit to use all the best endeavors to be able to satisfy their clients, and provide the services and bookings as published and advertised. However, the client that books with Designer Trips Argentina and enters into this contract accepts that Designer Trips Argentina may change or modify a tour itinerary, or its content, whenever considered necessary, due to prevailing local conditions. Designer Trips Argentina, reserves the right to change, modify, or cancel the services and/or prices of the booking (including flights or accommodations), no matter when, making itself responsible for trying to substitute them as good as possible, with alternative arrangements, of similar value, without any compensation and accepts any liability for loss of enjoyment as product of this changes. If a major change must be done before the beginning of the booking, the client will be advised by Designer Trips Argentina, so that the client may decide either to accept those changes or not. If the major changes happened after the client has paid part or the total amount of the booking, Designer Trips Argentina, will advise the client as soon as reasonably possible. Designer Trips Argentina will put all its efforts to help the client solve these changes as best as possible, and will try to refund the money to the client, or offer a substitute, except in cases that these changes were not of force majeure. Force majeure situations are considered wars, terrorism attacks, strikes, technical difficulties, natural or nuclear disasters, riots, Pandemic, adverse weather conditions, maintenance with transportation, changes imposed by cancellations or rescheduling flights, or any other situation beyond the control of Designer Trips Argentina. Designer Trips Argentina is not liable for any charges in case of a change, beyond their control, to the departure time or date of a tour, flight, or any other transport.


In the event that you wish to postpone or cancel your travel plans due to Force majeure you are able to take advantage of the following booking amendment offer:

  1. Confirmed bookings may be moved forward for up to 12 months of the original travel dates, without incurring any Price increases.
  2. Last-minute postponements (up to 10 days prior to travel dates) will be accepted without any fees being levied. Note: this applies only to bookings that are moved forward. In the event of an outright cancellation, point 4, below, applies. Fees won’t apply for services operated by Designer Trips. Those services operated by other Companies (Airlines, Cruises, etc) will be subject to their cancellation policies.
  3. Bookings moved forward are subject to availability. Any changes to the existing travel package may incur additional charges, and in the event that the new dates coincide with festival dates supplements may apply.
  4. Bookings that are cancelled 15 days or more before the original travel dates will not be subject to cancellation fees. Bookings canceled 14 days or less prior to original travel dates will be subject to our standard cancellation policy. Fees won’t apply for services operated by Designer Trips. Those services operated by other Companies (Airlines, Cruises, etc) will be subject to their cancellation policies.
  5. We reserve the right to further review this policy at our discretion.

5 - Passports, VISAS, and Vaccinations

It will be responsibility of the client to be in possession of a valid passport for the trip, permits or visas needed, and all the preventive vaccinations or medicines that they may need during the whole trip.
Designer Trips Argentina will provide as much as information as possible to the clients about these matters, but under any circumstances Designer Trips Argentina will be responsible for any inconvenience that the client may have related to these motives.


Clients suffering any illness, disability or disease, under medical or physical treatments, must declare and advise Designer Trips Argentina about this condition at the moment of confirming the booking, and at the same time, consider doing all the proper arrangements necessary for the correct treatment or medication needed for the complete duration of the trip. In the case the client fails to declare such conditions to Designer Trips Argentina, it will be considered as a violation of the terms and conditions of the booking, and that client may be excluded from the booking, allowing Designer Trips Argentina to collect all the charges and cancellation fees that apply, and not refunding any part of the payment that the client had done.


All our bookings, being either of tours or trips, have no medical insurance included, unless specified. Despite this, at Designer Trips Argentina we recommend and suggest to all travelers to hire a medical and traveling insurance. We can suggest and assist all our clients in hiring a medical and traveling insurance through us with main insurance companies, or by themselves.


If clients have a complaint or claim about any aspect of the trip, tours, or services booked with us, they must inform it by a written letter or email to Designer Trips Argentina as soon as possible, so that Designer Trips Argentina, through their staff, can make all the possible efforts to solve the situation. Designer Trips Argentina, can try to solve any inconvenience the clients may have, if the client informs about their situation. If the client doesn’t inform immediately about the possible situation to Designer Trips Argentina, it will reduce the chances for Designer Trips Argentina to try to solve the problem in question, and all rights to claim for a compensation will be extinguished.
Any problems or situations that couldn’t be solved on the spot will have a total time of 30 days after the ending of the tour or trip for the client to present a formal claim letter to Designer Trips Argentina, whom will study the situation, and see if there is any compensation that could be offered to the client.

9 - Air Tickets Bookings

It is normal that Airlines reserved their right to change the time of their flights, and rates without any previous advisement. This is why, Designer Trips Argentina will always try to keep the rates quote to the client, as well as the flights schedule selected. Despite all the efforts Designer Trips Argentina and its staff can make, it is possible that when an air ticket booking is done and confirmed, it might receive changes in the schedule or fare directly from the Airline. The air ticket reservations might receive rates or tax changes until the moment the tickets are completely paid by the client, and after, issued by the airline. This means that bookings may also suffer changes after they are confirmed and paid partially by the client. It is only until the moment that the client pays the air ticket booking completely, and after Designer Trips Argentina receives this payment, and is able to issue the ticket with the Airline, that the rate can no longer change. Despite this, after the reservations are confirmed, paid, and the tickets issued, the airline has the right and might change the times and schedules of their flights, leaving Designer Trips Argentina without any responsibility at all for the problems or costs that these changes may produce. In the case the air bookings suffer any changes, Designer Trips Argentina will advise the client as soon as possible. All the changes in air tickets, or flights schedules are not part of the changes that the itineraries may suffer, so this gives no right to the client to cancel any booking of services or accommodation, without the fees that this cancelation may have.

The client must, and it is its own responsibility, to check carefully all the detailed information about flights booked and issued, to be aware of the days and times that the client will fly, and the extra time needed before at every airport. Designer Trips Argentina will handle the itineraries with the flight times provided to the clients, and will also advise about any extra time needed at each specific airport, but it is the clients pure and exclusive responsibility to be on time at every airport and flight.

Under no circumstances Designer Trips Argentina will be responsible for delays, cancelations, reprograming of flights due to weather factors, overbooking, strikes, natural disasters, wars, terrorist threats, or any other reason of force majeure. Designer Trips Argentina will not be responsible for any cost or expense caused by the already mentioned situations.

10 - Designer Trips Argentina RESPONSIBILITY

Designer Trips Argentina, will be responsible of making sure that all the reservations are done and confirmed the way they are descripted in the program and itinerary arranged and agreed upon prior with the client, and that the services hired have reasonable quality standards. Designer Trips Argentina is and act exclusively as a travel agency according to the law, and will not be responsible for diseases, injuries, expenses, delays or any other problem that may be product of the action or negligence of external companies or their staff, that provide any service of the trip or tour. Designer Trips Argentina won’t be responsible for any inconvenience generated for the reasons descripted above, or any other external factor like wars, natural disasters, riots, governments changes or decisions, strikes, or whatever may have happened that is out of Designer Trips Argentina reachable power.

11 - Terms and Conditions of the Website

All the content in the company website is intellectual property of Designer Trips Argentina, including, Design, images, text, except those details that are specified the other way around. The content of this website is protected by all the laws and world terms of private and intellectual property, and establishes that any user, not part of Designer Trips Argentina, is prohibited to: copy, modify, reproduce, republish, post, distribute, upload any content of this website in any format at all, in other websites. Changing, copying, or showing for any matter or reason, the brands, names, logos, or contents of this website, without the expressed written permit given by Designer Trips Argentina, is forbidden. Using any part of this website, like images, texts, contents, to redelivered it to other website using the “framing” technology is totally forbidden, without the express authorization of Designer Trips Argentina.

The information that is part of this website, is obtained from resources that are considered trustful. Designer Trips Argentina won’t guaranty or assure that the information is precise, and is not responsible for mistakes or omissions in the information, no matter where the mistakes come from.

You totally understand and accept that Designer Trips Argentina will not be liable or responsible for any direct, incidental, special or consequential damage that may occur, including, without limitations, loss of profit or intangible losses, even though if Designer Trips Argentina have been advised of the possibility of those damages, result of the use or inability to use the website, unauthorized access or alteration of your transmissions or data, or any other matter relating to the website.

Through the links or hypertext, you will be able to access to other websites, from other companies or third parties, which dos not mean a partnership, affiliation or relationship at all, and regarding this, Designer Trips Argentina will take no responsibility for any content of those websites, no matter if the link is provided in our website. It is strictly forbidden for any user to violate or try to violate the security of this website including:
A) Obtaining or accessing information that is not for your use or viewing, or trying to log into our server or accounts in which you do not have permit to get in.
B) Interfering or attempting to interfere with the service of the website, or any user of it, or host, or network.
C) Attempting to prove the vulnerability of our system, website, or network, or violate the security or authentication methods without the express permit of Designer Trips Argentina.

A violation to the security of the system, network, or website of Designer Trips Argentina, may result in civil or criminal liability. Designer Trips Argentina, will investigate the facts that may involve such violations, and may get involved and cooperate with law enforcement authorities and will prosecute everyone involved in such violations. Designer Trips Argentina has the right, and reserves the right, to change any information, services, or the content of this website at any time, without any previous advice. The logo, name, and design of Designer Trips Argentina, are property of Trip Designers SR: and under no circumstances can be copied, used, exhibited, transferred, changed or offered without the written and express permission of Trips Designers SRL.