Travel is something that we believe is as powerful as it is Unique. When you travel to a destination, you are not just visiting… you are connecting, learning, sharing, experiencing, absorbing everything that surrounds you.

Travel pushes you away from your comfort zone, and exposes you to so many different situations and emotions, that will always teach you and leave its mark on you. You will never be the same person after traveling. Argentina is one of the biggest countries in the World, it has an enormous amount of natural resources, and most of the land is super productive or fertile. Some people believe that our country is capable of producing enough food to feed 10 times the size of our population.

Despite this belief, we have to sadly admit that there is a huge inequality spread across our homeland, and there is a lot of poverty and hunger in many regions of this once very rich country. For many years, at Designer Trips we have tried to help in different ways, by donating to different organizations, but in a very personal way, not realizing the huge opportunity that our position gives us every day, by connecting our country with people from all around the World.

We strongly believe that a big part of promoting responsible travel is giving back to local communities, and as local operators we have the unique opportunity and potential of creating this bridge with travelers coming into our country. Therefore, we have developed a project called The Designer Trips FUND.

As our goal has always been to design unforgettable trips that will leave a mark on your life forever, we would like to give our clients the opportunity to leave their mark on Argentina too, by helping us fight inequality and children hunger in our country. For every person that travels with Designer Trips, we will charge a small fee that will be directly donated to the Designer Trips Fund. In order to make sure that our efforts reach their objectives, we have partnered with CONIN, a local non-profit organization based in Mendoza, with centers all across Argentina, that has been working hard against child starvation since 1993.

If would like to know more about CONIN, their campaigns, or help them with a donation, please click on the button See more!

Fundación Conin